Ethereum Enterprise Alliance embracing the legal industry

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA – August 14, 2017 – Today the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced that 14 leading law firms and academic institutions have joined the EEA’s Legal Industry Working Group, bringing together top, global law firms and leading legal minds to explore building enterprise-grade applications on Ethereum. The rapid growth of the EEA Legal Industry Working Group is emblematic of the increased interest by legal professionals in blockchain technology, and the EEA believes that the Legal Working Group will prove foundational to the success of various efforts taking place within the organization.

As reported earlier the Ethereum space is seeing increased legitimacy. Now, with adoption from law firms and interesting efforts like OpenLaw, it seems reasonable to assume that this trend will continue, and perhaps, the Ethereum price will go up and follow as a result. The full press release can be found here.